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We Resell Your Crystals!

Crystals & Jewelry Emporium is now offering Consignment partnerships with those who want to resell their items. After you ship us your crystals or jewelry, we will sell them in our store and through IG Live.

When your item sells, we split the profit 50/50!

Before sending your items, please read this page thoroughly and let us know if you have any questions about the Consignment process. Our intention is to make it as simple and easy as possible!


We handle the sale of your crystals for you, either in-store or during our live sales.



1. Ship us your crystals.
2. Set your desired resale price.
3. Get 50% of profit when the item sells.



Is there a price limit for items? We accept all items. However, items over $200 may take longer to sell. Expect a longer wait if you're sending a substantial statement piece.


Can I send small trinkets? Absolutely!


Should I message you before sending? While it's helpful to notify us ahead of time, don’t worry if you forget. Just keep an eye on your tracking, and we'll reach out once we receive your shipment.


Can I send my handmade jewelry? Yes you can! Just keep in mind that profits are split, so price your items accordingly.


Any helpful tips for sending items? Consider sending several items rather than just one piece, to save on shipping costs.


How should I price my items, or can you price them for me? We recommend checking our website, Instagram, or other similar shops to gauge pricing. We can also assist with pricing, but please note that our costs are typically lower than most crystal shops. So if you bought an item for $50 at another shop, we might sell a comparable item for less. Keep this in mind and set prices accordingly, especially for more valuable items.


When do you showcase consignment items? We showcase consignment items during our live sales, which occur once or twice a week, and they're also displayed in our storefront.


Do you only offer store credit for payment? By default, we provide your share of the profits via PayPal or Venmo. However, if you prefer store credit, we can offer 10-50% more of your original profit amount, depending on the value.



1. You are responsible for shipping costs when sending your crystals to us.

Crystals & Jewelry Emporium
853 Grand Ave.,

San Diego, CA 92109

2. We'll make 3 attempts to sell your item at your desired price. If it doesn't sell, we'll mark it down by 20-25% and try again three more times before reaching out to discuss further discounts with you.

3. Profits are split 50/50. We cover the packaging and shipping costs to the buyer.

4. When sending your items, please include your Instagram username and desired resale prices on a paper in the box. Sending a DM with a list will also help, though it's not required.

5. If an item arrives for resale broken, we'll contact you to discuss adjusting the retail price. We're not responsible for reimbursement for items damaged during shipping, so consider adding insurance if you're concerned about this risk or are sending a fragile piece.

6. Payment will be issued via PayPal or Venmo 1-4 days after the item has been sold.

7. If a customer fails to pay for an item, we'll inform you and relist it for sale.

8. We'll make an effort to sell your item in-store and during our live sales each week for three weeks before considering a price reduction.

9. You can request to have your item sent back to you at any time. There will be a $6.99 shipping charge for this service, regardless of whether you have an order with us at the time.

10. We'll showcase consignment items in a portion of our weekly Live Sales (1-2 times a week) to help expedite sales.


For further inquiries, feel free to send us a DM on Instagram.

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