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Gem water (or gem elixir) is a great way to absorb the positive vibes of crystals. Water and Crystals are both full of energy, therefore the combo of these natural elements holds many wonderful healing aids and powers. 

Gem water is a concentrated dose of high vibes that can be ingested and absorbed internally. It will rejuvenate you, replenish your energy, hydrate you and uplift your spirit. Crystals and water are both programable, which makes gem water a great tool for meditation and manifestation. It will positively change you ur mood and the way you take in earth's greatest treasures.



*Rose Quartz

*Chevron Amethyst

*Smokey Quartz



*Tourmalated Quartz


Approx. Size: 245mm x 65mm x 65 mm

Crystal Elixir Water Bottle

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